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Municipal Drinking Water Consulting Services

Experienced in Many Types of Municipal Drinking Water Treatment, Including:

  • Chemical Treatment

Orthophosphate Corrosion Control, Hexametaphosphate Sequestering Agents, Iron & Manganese Removal, Lead & Copper, Arsenic, Disinfection (Chlorine, Bleach, Ozone, etc.), Disinfection By-Products, Taste & Odor Control, Coagulation, Chemical Feed, and PFAS

  • Physical Treatment

UV Disinfection, Activated Carbon, Clarification, and Filtration​

Consulting Services:

  • Compliance Evaluation and Action Plan

  • Pilot Studies

  • Jar Testing

  • Operations Evaluation

  • Procedure Review and Assessment

  • Work with and Train Staff While Performing Process Control Testing

  • Train Staff on Operational Improvements

  • Prepare Operators for Drinking Water Exam

  • Meet and Communicate with Regulatory Agencies

  • Prepare Compliance Reports

  • Expert Witnessing

Helping You Make the World's Best Water

Walters Environmental

P.O. Box 68535

Indianapolis, IN  46268


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