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Links for Current List of State Approved Webinars

Click Course Name for Course Description & Outline

Six Hour Webinars:

  • Chemistry

Coagulation & Flocculation

Treatment Chemistry
Water Chemistry

Environmental Toxicology

  • Holistic Treatment

Fifty Rules of Treatment

Treatment Problem Solving

  • Biology

Nutrient Removal

Package Plant Operations

Practical Process Control


  • Lab

Lab Analysis

Quality Control

Sampling & Flow Measurement 

  • Industrial

Metals Treatment

Treatment of Oils & Cleaners 

  • Process

Collection Systems


Dosing & Chemical Feed

R.O. & Ion Exchange

Solids Handling 

  • Maintenance

Fundamentals of Electricity

Motor Troubleshooting

Pump Troubleshooting

  • Exam

Industrial Wastewater Overview​

Municipal Wastewater Overview

Two Hour Webinars:

  • Chemistry

Jar Testing


  • Biology

Ammonia Removal

Phosphorus Removal

Pathogens & Pathways

  • Industrial

Treatment of Industrial Oils

Treatment of Cleaners 

  • Process

Activated Carbon



Final Effluent Quality

  • Maintenance

Pump & Motor Maintenance

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