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Interim Wastewater Plant Certified Operator

Worked as Interim Certified Operator with the Following Types of Treatment:

  • Biological Treatment

industrial activated sludge, municipal activated sludge, bio-towers, anoxic treatment, aerobic digestion, anaerobic digestion, and nutrient removal systems

  • Chemical Treatment

metals, chelators, cleaners, cyanide destruction, hex chrome, emulsions breaking, oils removal, recalcitrant organics destruction, coagulation, flocculation, oxidation, phosphate removal, and disinfection

  • Physical Treatment

DAF, API separators, activated carbon, equalization, mixing, clarification, and filtration​

Consulting Services as Interim Certified Operator:

  • Compliance Evaluation and Action Plan

  • Pilot Studies

  • Jar Testing

  • Operations Evaluation

  • Procedure Review and Rewrite

  • Work with and Train Staff While Performing Consulting Tasks

  • Train Staff on Operational Changes

  • Prepare Operators for Wastewater Exam

  • Work as Temporary Certified Operator

  • Meet and Communicate with Regulatory Agencies

  • Prepare Compliance Reports

  • Expert Witnessing


  • Indiana Wastewater Class IV

  • Indiana Wastewater Class D

  • Ohio Wastewater Class III


  • Over 30 Years of Consulting and Training Experience

  • Helped More Than a Thousand Operators Pass Their Certification Exams

  • Saved Facilities Over 30 Million Dollars in Operational Costs

  • Operated Numerous Plants, Including Industrial Biological, Industrial Chemical, Municipal, and Package Wastewater Plants

  • Helped Bring Hundreds of Plants into Compliance

  • Trained Operators at Their Plant on Procedures & Troubleshooting

  • Worked with Local, State, and Federal Regulatory Agencies

  • Worked Extensively with Legal Counsel

  • Expert Witnessing in Trial Cases

  • Developed Training Programs for Numerous Plants

  • Revised Operational Procedures

  • Started Up Laboratories

  • Reviewed & Revised Lab Testing Procedures

  • Implemented QA/QC Plans


  • B.S. in Chemistry from Manchester University

Improving Operations While Serving as the Certified Operator

Walters Environmental

P.O. Box 68535

Indianapolis, IN  46268


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